Video: Tayrona Goes West

Come aboard as s/v Tayrona sails from Miami, FL to Brisbane, Australia in two years of adventure.  I tried my best to keep it at a manageable seventeen minutes.  There are some shots you just can’t cut!  It’s soothing, so watch it when you have a little down time.   And make it full screen; it’s in good resolution!  Cast off the bowlines!  Put up all the canvas you can muster!  Let’s get some horizon!


The Journey – Marcos H. Bolano
Come This Far – Ketsa
Spanning Miles – Ketsa
Far from Home – Ketsa
Glittering Array – Ketsa


Coming Soon!  Beneath the Keels: Whales, sharks, and all things sub-aquatic!

Many Thanks…


Despite being alone on the ocean for much of this trip, there were many people who helped us in crossing the seas.  We want to thank everyone who has aided us in realizing this dream, who has sailed with us, befriended us, supported us, and touched our lives along the way.  We can in no way thank you all enough for being part of this journey, but here’s a start:

First and foremost, innumerable thanks to our parents for teaching us many of the skills we’ve called upon during this journey, for instilling in us a sense of adventure, and for believing in our outrageous dreams.  I’m not sure how you braved it all with such composure, but we couldn’t have made it without you standing behind us with your love and support.  You are the proverbial wind in our sails.

To our fearless crew, Liza and Felix, and everyone who has felt Tayrona’s decks underfoot, worked her lines, and heard the snap of her sails unfurled, thank you for the time, energy, and cost it took you to be part of this emotional chapter of our lives.  Our time aboard Tayrona was richer for having shared it with you.

Thanks to our fellow sailing comrades for taking us fledglings under your wings, teaching us the ropes, and reveling with us after long passages at sea.  Good friends help take the sting out of being far from home, and we feel so fortunate to have sailed all those memorable shores with you.  Fair winds and following seas to you and your dragons!

To all of the local friends we’ve made along the way: thank you for graciously taking us into your homes, sharing your table, your lives, and your country’s secret gems with us.  We won’t tell anyone where your coveted fishing hole lies, where the trail to that hidden hot springs starts, or under what ledge the fattest lobsters hide!

And finally, heartfelt thanks to all of our friends and family who have kept abreast of our travels and sent words of encouragement to keep Tayrona and her crew going.  In the darkness of a long night at sea knowing there were faces out there rooting for us was dawn on the horizon.

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