Our New Crew Member

Location:  Zug, Switzerland
Author:  Pete


Leonora Jean Gorkiewicz

Born April 21, 2017 

12:48pm – 47cm – 2.645kg

We have a new crew member!  Leonora Jean Gorkiewicz has been added to the manifest!  We knew she was breech, so we tried to make the best of it and play up the benefits of scheduling your own child’s birthday.  We went out to dinner the night before, took a nice walk by the lake the morning of, and then headed to Kantonsspital in Zug and had a baby by one o’clock.  It’s Switzerland!  Would you expect any different?




The hospital facilities and staff were fantastic.  Miranda’s c-section went very smoothly.  I got to be in the operating theater with Miranda, cut the umbilical cord, and announce the gender.  The latter being surprisingly difficult with all the chaos of the OR and wild emotion going on!




We were set up on the top floor with a corner room overlooking the snow-capped Alps.  Too bad they took a backseat to Leonie!  My girls are doing great.  Eating, sleeping, and expelling waste, which is as important for post-surgery mothers as it is for babies!  Leonie is pretty little, 5.8 pounds, but started gaining weight the second day and quickly exceeded her birth weight.







All are well and happy!  The hospital keeps Miranda and Leonora for one week.  I’ll take some paternity leave once they’re sent home.  The real question is, “what then?”



  1. John Weting   •  

    What beautiful news and Leonora is beautiful and precious! Glad to hear all went well and all are doing well. What a special time of life for all of you!

  2. The Bentleys   •  

    Congratulations to the three of you. Such a joyous occasion. Welcome to the world of Mom and. Dad, Leonora, oh the stories they will tell you.

  3. Mickey Barnhart   •  

    Dear Leonie, Yours is a new voice in this world — like no other. Welcome. May you always feel welcome.

    Dear Mommy and Daddy of Leonie, Congratulations. You have been given the opportunity to help her discover and reveal the treasures hidden inside of her. She will be doing the same for you. Parenting is a two-way street that unfolds one precious moment at a time. Enjoy.

    My loving and earnest thoughts are inspired by what Elizabeth Gilbert has to say in her book “Big Magic”, by the life of the creator of “Hamilton”, Lin-Manuel Miranda … and by the three of you.

  4. Claudia Araya   •  

    Aw…so happy for you all! What a beautiful baby…with her gorgeous parents, couldn’t expect anything different. Enjoy this lovely ride, where love is infinite. And wow! A whole week at the hospital, pampering Mommy and Leonora (love her name btw), sounds perfect. Take care! Besos para los tres!

  5. Paul Sperry   •  

    Congratulations to all three of you and welcome on board Leonie!

    What a beautiful baby girl (to which of course we’re partial 😉

    The grandest adventure begins!

    Paul, Virginia, Juniper, and Laurel
    Rabun Gap, GA

  6. The Glabs   •  

    Love to all three of you!!!!! Can’t wait to meet you Leonie!!!

  7. Elizabeth and Ben   •  

    I always enjoy your style of writing. Informative, storytelling and entertaining all in one! And how special it is to convey such precious information as the birth of your first child. You and Miranda are going to be such amazing parents! We look forward to many more pictures as epic your first-time adventures unfold. It is something special when you realize that everything you are doing with Leonie is the first time. Wow, actually, everything you do from this day forth will be new and for the first time because Leonie has arrived. I know you two will cherish these moments. Bless you on this new adventure!

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