Calm Before the Swiss Baby Storm

Author:  Pete
Location:  Zug, Switzerland

Spring has rolled in over the Zugerberg.  Crumbling under our family’s prodding for baby-bump pictures, we took a photo shoot day in the hills.








Miranda has been working hard to get the nursery finished.  We’ve been painting cribs, assembling furniture, and decorating the walls.  On my excursions biking and hiking, Miranda has me looking for pinecones, twigs, bits of string, feathers…  My transformation into a nesting critter is almost complete.





Our school just broke for spring vacation.  Miranda and I aren’t traveling because she could go into labor at any point now.  Even though the weather improves I still feel like I’m standing on deck watching stormy skies roll towards us across the water.  The barometer indicates squalls and sleepless nights ahead.  So for now we’re battening down the hatches and enjoying the calm before the storm.




  1. The Glabs   •  

    Beautiful pics!!! Love you guys! Can’t wait to meet the new adventurer! =)

    • Pete Gorkiewicz   •     Author

      Yeah! Great to talk to you guys yesterday! Thanks for always cheering us on regardless of what adventure we’ve found ourselves in!


      Pete and Miranda

  2. Michele Williams   •  

    We are so happy for you both! What a special time and promises of an incredible journey ahead.

    The Lundteigens

    • Pete Gorkiewicz   •     Author

      Hi Michele!

      Great to hear from you! Thanks so much for keeping up with us! We are THREE days out from Miranda’s due date! Shoving off to new adventures! Hugs to the boys!


      Pete and Miranda

  3. Paul   •  

    Gruetzi Pete, Miranda, and lil’ stowaway!

    Thanks so much for the continued pix and stories of adventures near and far (usually far 🙂 We are so excited for you both as you embark on this grandest of adventures. Squalls and sleepless nights aside, it will be the ride of your life!

    Most importantly, all the best to Miranda when the boo knocks and wishing you a safe delivery.

    All our thoughts and wishes,
    Rabun Gap, Georgia

  4. Laurie Mayhew   •  

    I cannot wait to hear of the arrival of the newest Gorkiewicz! Much happiness to the THREE of you!

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