Swiss Winter Wonderland

Author:  Pete
Location:  Europe

Past the chilly months in a winter wonderland that is the Alps.  Coaching the school’s ski team kept me happily on the slopes and learning the best places to find powder.  The school has its own chalet in Wengen, so we were there often, as well as other little mountain villages like Zermatt under the Matterhorn.






Miranda looks more and more like a real pregnant lady every week.  Maybe it’s good that we ease into parenthood.  It still doesn’t seem real yet.  It’s all fun and games until someone’s water breaks.  We do get a lot of nods from passerbys.  Everyone seems to smile at us knowingly.





Miranda and I feel well loved.  We’ve had a small army of family and friends make the pilgrimage from all over to come and see us.  I think everyone is worried we’ll drop off the radar again once there’s an infant in our midst.  Miranda’s brother Casey and his buddies Mike and Stacy came for a week of rowdy fun.  We drove up to Munich for some historical tavern-crawling.  In the Munich Hofbrauhaus they only serve liters of beer!  Let me reiterate, beer is served only in liters!  Back in the Alps we went night tobogganing down kilometers of tooth-chattering, unlit trails.










Miranda’s other sibs, Adam and Becky, came to see us too.  We piled in the car and drove over the mountains to Italy.  Venice during Carnival was full of energy.  The gloomy weather made the ambiance even better, swirling around the plague masks and the elaborate costumes.  Back Swiss-side we jumped on the slopes and spent a day battling gravity.






Not to be outdone, Liza, Felix, and Jovia came down from Frankfurt a couple of weekends this winter.  The idea was to hit the slopes together, and although we never hit great snow, but we did have a great time with them.



My folks came in on a European baby-flyby trip.  We went up hiking in Engelberg as the spring thaw relinquished the slopes to the grass.  Paragliders soared like clouds of bees.  I’m salivating to get my kit over here.





Also our climbing buddies Ben and Elizabeth came from Abu Dhabi to see us.  We used to climb twice a week when we were teaching in Chile.  It’s been three years since we last climbed together and it was so great to be back on the crag with them!









So that was our flood of friends and family!  It’s so wonderful to spend time with everyone, especially after being off radar for several years.  Although it’s sad to part ways at then end, Winnie the Pooh’s words give me comfort.  “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”  How lucky we are indeed.





  1. Greg   •  

    Hi Pete and Miranda, it was awesome to chat with you guys for a bit the other day. Impressive that you’ve found a way to keep me nearly as envious as pictures diving with whales: Venice, in particular, and anywhere in Europe being so close. I’m green.
    Also, the tobogonning sign you posted looks like “Good Fart.” That made me laugh.

  2. Gail Rohloff Plamann   •  

    It was so nice to see a post from you two once again. Looks like you are adjusting just fine to life on land! If you have not had that baby yet, best of luck to you all!!

  3. Catherine   •  

    Hello Pete and Miranda – beautiful pics as always! Sounds like you have been busy with visitors – wonderful to hear that so many family and friends have made it over. What a gift that you are able to drive through various European destinations and then hop back on the slopes or sledding hills – what an active lifestyle and outdoor playground! Miranda – you look great (imagine that some days you may feel quite otherwise) and wishing you both all the best for your entry into parenthood.

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