Sea Song – (You and Me)

I wrote this song aboard s/v Tayrona as we sailed across the Pacific Ocean.  Just got a chance to record and put it together now as boats aren’t generally renown for their acoustic-silencing properties.  It’s sort of a easy-going tune to swashbuckle by.  Hope you like it.

There’s dew on the deck,
And the dawn’s not broke yet,
We haul the anchor together,
Lit by the sunrise,
You turn back to me,
With a smile that will light my forever,

Weigh! Our horizons await,
I hear the sirens sing our names on the breeze,
We’ll stand hand in hand as we set to the sea,
And we’ll sail ‘round the world,
Yes, we’ll sail ‘round the world,
You and me.

Full canvas flies,
As the morning arrives,
We ride the tide out the harbor,
It seems we’re destined,
To have favorable winds,
So let’s cast off the dock lines my lover,


Sails under strain,
Endless aqueous plains,
A squall rolls on through then another,
But the storm will abate,
And the seas moderate,
For we’ve tethered ourselves to each other,


So, you set the course,
I’ll steer through the white horses,
Landfall in the isles in ten days,
We sail side by side,
Twin keels seamlessly carving,
Two parallel paths through the waves.


  1. John Weting   •  

    Great song!

  2. Chelsea   •  

    Yay I love this! I’m so proud of you both! And sad to see this chapter of your life close, but I know you have mountains and snow waiting for you! Can’t wait for the next story!

  3. Charlie Bentley   •  

    A two year trip encapsulated in song. Well done Pete. What a fantastic two years…now what does the future bring? Switzerland next and then maybe a trip to Mars with Mr. Musk?

  4. Pete Gorkiewicz   •     Author

    Home to the midwest in a few days, then in late summer off to the Alps! I do like your suggestion. I hear Mars is lovely this time of year. Sign me up!

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