Tasman Crossing: Day 10 Landfall

Author: Pete
Location: Brisbane, Australia


LAND HO!!!!! After 10 days crossing the Tasman Sea, Tayrona pulls safely into Brisbane, Australia!

Miranda spotted land low on the horizon this morning and shook me from my graveyard-shift-induced slumber. There it was, Australia. After two years of sailing west towards this moment it was pretty much impossible to hold back. A solid, “LAND HO!” burst forth from Miranda. Okay, it was me, but she was pretty excited too.





It took a full day to navigate around Moreton Island and into the Brisbane river. Once you see land, it’s another sixty miles into port. It’s pretty much the slowest day ever. Just… grinds… Didn’t help that we had a head wind of fifteen knots and choppy irksome waves on the bow that made Tayrona lurch and stagger like a prize fighter on a losing streak.




For a while it looked like the day would be stretched out to grueling eternity, but once we were in the lee of the island the waves smoothed out to zilch and our new course provided a favorable wind angle. We unfurled the sails and shot off at eight knots. I was so happy that we didn’t have to motor Tayrona in on her last landfall like some kind of clunky trawler. She wants to sail in!



And sail we did. Sunset ’round these parts is five-thirty, and the cloudless day afforded a blazing, clear sunset as we approached the Brisbane River.







We dodged a few cargo ships making for sea, and then navigated five miles up river in the dark. Is green on the right here, or is that the other way around? We eventually tied up at the Riverside Marina quarantine dock and were checked in by customs despite the late hour.






I’m incandescent. We made it. We sailed to Australia.




  1. John Weting   •  

    Congratulation mate! What a journey you have been on! I have so enjoyed your updates, humor, pictures, etc. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing journey. If you ever journey back to Marquette, I would love to hear your stories. The beer is on me! Congratulations again and safe continued journeys.

    • Pete Gorkiewicz   •     Author

      Hi John! Good to hear from you! Thanks so much for the encouragement on our adventures! I’ll be back in Michigan for a few weeks over the summer. I’d love to get up to Marquette if I have time, and I’d most certainly take you up on the beer! I hope you’re well!

  2. charlie bentley   •  

    Wow, what an accomplishmentioned! Our congratulations to Tayrona, Miranda and Pete.

    And thank you for sharing the whole voyage with all of us less adventurous,it was a great ride!

    • Pete Gorkiewicz   •     Author

      Hey Charlie! Thanks so much for being aboard with us! We were happy to have you along on Tayrona! We’ll give her some pats from you before we send her off to far shores!

  3. Bill Mayhew   •  

    Pete & Miranda: Exceptional teachers make obstacles disappear through inspiration and adventure. Thank you both for a captivating story with a happy ending. Safe harbors.

    • Pete Gorkiewicz   •     Author

      Hi Uncle Bill! Glad to hear from you! Thanks for keeping up with us on this trip! Hope to catch up with you some time in Michigan!

  4. Greg Allen   •  

    I mean…what else is there to say? You sailed to Australia. It’s not everyone with the courage to pursue dreams to the extent that you have. I’ve written it before, but I’ll write it again: your errantry has been inspirational, and I am glad and thankful to have been able to share it with you.

    P.S. Except for the part about swimming deep into dark, underwater caves. That’s the stuff of nightmares.

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