Tasman Crossing: Day 4

Author: Pete
Location: 30°46.900S’,  165°33.934E’


Day 4 at sea.

Exciting day! We saw a jet fly overhead today, AND it was warm enough to take a shower on the transom! Good times! Taz was in a good mood today. The majority of the day was clear and sunny, though a squall or two rolled over us and washed the decks of salt. We sat in the sunny cockpit for lunch and dinner, a nice change as it’s been prohibitively cold in the last couple days! Thanks for northing!





Ah, we do have two new crew members to add to Wendy and Belinda the Diesels, and Otto the Autohelm: Lee the Headsail (made by Lee Sails), and Mac the Mainsail (made by Mac Sails). Lee has been fussy in the last couple of days. It’s not his fault. The wind shifts slightly and Mac the Main shadows Lee, making him flop all over annoyingly. We’ve been waffling between running wing-wing and a deep broad-reach as we sail almost downwind. All that waffling is making me hungry. It’s one of the many sorrows of a sailor, no waffle irons aboard.  There are still sea birds out here, gulls and albatross. All those shipwreck movies where the castaways know land is near because the birds show up? Bubkus! We’re five hundred miles from the closest land and there are still birds out here.



It’s a clear, moonlit night, a welcome change from the pea soup we were wading through last night. Sitting on deck watching the rollers pull up behind us, lifting our stern, then nose, then passing along. It’s nights like this when I want to spin the wheel hard a-starboard, run Tayrona north to New Caledonia, and put the kibosh on this whole sale thing.



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