Tasman Crossing: Day 3

Author: Pete
Location: 31°49.992S,  167°43.025E


Day 3 at sea.

Wind continued to be steady today but swung gradually aft. We’ve been running wing-wing (sails pointed out on either side of the mast to catch the most wind when sailing down wind) for the last twelve hours. It’s a little fussy as the sails can backfill as we roll in the waves, but the wind is too strong for our spinnaker. Dodged a few squalls throughout the day, but couldn’t out run them all. The decks need a good rinse to get the salt off anyway. We’re used to running out on deck with shampoo and soap when that happens to catch a free shower, but it’s still too cold (cool) for that nonsense.





Running almost straight downwind and going with the wave trains leads to some fantastic surfing sessions. With just the right conditions Tayrona catches a wave and rides it for a minute or two at nine knots. Steeper waves drive us up to eleven knots, but they’re short lived. The long rides are incredible. You can really feel the boat break away from the surface, sucking air under the keels in a low rumble. The whole boat vibrates slightly. It’s Tayrona purring away.  Tossed the ‘fish’ back in the water for some extra power too.



Had a brief respite from the surfing frenzy for dinner. Winds and seas moderated for a few hours and we were treated to a brilliant sunset over the clouds at the edge of the earth.



It’s dark now and the wind has filled back in. Full cloud cover came in and made an inky mess of the horizon. Almost feels cozy; a bubble of dark around the boat. Still, I’m glad to have the radar aboard to see beyond the gloom when it’s necessary to peek out of the fort.



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