VIDEO: The Dolphins of Coromandel

Location: Aldermen Islands, just off the Coromandel Peninsula.

A little video of a dolphin encounter while sailing around the Coromandel Peninsula and in the Aldermen Islands.



  1. Mom   •  

    Beautiful creatures…yea, the dolfins, too.

    • Pete Gorkiewicz   •     Author

      Nyuck nyuck nyuck! Mom’s so funny!

  2. Chelsea   •  

    wow so cool! I love that there are babies in the pod too!

    • Pete Gorkiewicz   •     Author

      Hey Chelsea! Yeah! Babies! The parents keep them in a group, protected from the neoprene aliens. It’s pretty cute.

  3. Greg   •  

    1) The swimming around in dark, scary, underwater caves still haunts my dreams…thanks for that. On the other hand, I think I’ll never stop being jealous of the whales and dolphins. Just so cool.

    2) So…as near as I can tell you went underwater at around 13 seconds and didn’t surface again until 1:53. What the hell is that all about? You’ve somehow stopped needing oxygen? WTF?

    • Pete Gorkiewicz   •     Author

      I just slowed the video down so it looked cooler. I can’t imagine what all that oxygen deprivation is doing to my brain…

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